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My key strength is that I love to explore new ways of using my experiences and skills and for over 20 years I have been  working as Consultant, Coach & Researcher.

Together with Richard Gleed through our company Saling2012 Ltd. I offer Not [just] for Profit Business Start-up coaching, training workshops and ongoing support to get to the next level of success:

Next month I am working with German Start-ups, helping budding entrepreneurs to get from their ideas to a pitch!

I am engaging with three abam-seminar-1mazing women from three different cultures starting a creative arts business in North Africa!

We are assisting in a medical service business which will enable access to good health care by crossing a few international borders. … there are others – it is truly eye-opening to learn about the cultural contexts in which these companies make an impact.

Basically, I am applying my academic seminar 2background of researching, teaching and writing in innovative ways by supporting entrepreneurship and Sseminartart-ups at the grassroots level. I love to assist others, particularly women, in stepping out and starting new enterprises.

Never stop learning! So, I am currently training as an enhanced  C-IQ Pracitioner supported b the World Business Executive Coach Summit.

My background is certainly multi-disciplinary and I work in many international settings, from South East Asia, via Europe to East Africa. I have managed teams of experts in diverse contexts including multi-country research projects, NGO interventions, the delivery of primary and maternal health care to refugees and  the provision of aviation and logistics support.

My research work has focused on the employment of migrants, refugees, persons living with disabilities  and older workers. bulgaria-img_0084Here are some of my publications (more are listed under ‘publications’), they give you a flavor of my research work:

Winkelmann-Gleed, A. (2011) Retirement or committed to work? – conceptualising prolonged labour market participation through organisational commitment. Employee Relations. Vol 34 (1) pp 80-90.

Winkelmann-Gleed, A. (2006) Migrant Nurses, motivation, integration, contribution. ISBN-1 84619 007 X. Radcliffe Medical Press, Oxford. Order your copy

A selection of my work:

  • University of East Anglia: Senior Research Associate MAPS project funded by the Canadian government, investigating social inclusion of adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.
  • London Metropolitan University: Senior Research Fellow and principal investigator on EU projects related to European workforce ageing & Demographic change and the employment experiences of migrants in the UK.
  • For: Partner Aid UK: Consultancies and mentoring linked to start up of social enterprises in developing countries.
  • For: MKW Wirtschaftsforschungs GmbH: Expert contribution on Guidance in employer’s age management strategies.
  • For: European Commission, South East Europe (SEE): Contribution to TOR – Transnational Programme: migration influenced demographic change and human capital related to economic growth.
  • For: ppre Ltd.: for over ten years I have evaluated or contributed to London-based initiatives aimed at marginalised people, for example: assisting vulnerable families; increasing the number of nurses from the Bangladeshi community; integrating Refugee Doctors; mentoring GP practices in East London.
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship: Personnel & Recruitment Manager in the UK and Programme Manager Addis Abeba & Djibouti.
  • CORD: Health Care Coordinator Rwandan refugees in Tanzania.
  • MEDAIR: Relief and Rehabilitation project in South Sudan.

Plaque on an old truck which was driven around most of Africa in the early 20th century.“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”


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